Stanford Machine Learning Course

After 3 month of back to (online) school I received my Stanford Machine Learning Course Certificate.
I haven’t been back to school for many many years and some of the math (linear algebra and calculus) needed a serious refresher.
This course gives you a great overview of the field of machine learning and is very hands on.
I loved the character recognition exercise where a neural network was employed. Overall this course gives you a great introduction into machine learning with Andrew Ng who is an accomplished instructor.
Expect to spend about 4-8 hours or more a week on this course, especially if you need to read up on some of the math or are not familiar with Octave (open source MathLab equivalent).
The course description is available at:

Ray Kurzweil - The IoT future

Ray Kurzweil’s talk about the future of internet of things.
Note that he’s is talking about extending your neocortext into the cloud around the year 2030!
Also it’s interesting how even humor can triggered by stimulating points in the brain: 41:45.
People said he was crazy with his predictions before but most of them were quite accurate.

How great leaders inspire action

Very inspiring talk by Simon Sinek about the most important question you should ask when
starting a business. Ask yourself why you are doing it. Believe in it and others will too. They won’t do it for you but for themselves. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you’re doing it. A talk every business owner or aspiring business owner should watch: